Get Rich in Ragnarok Online

Use WPE PRO for this.

1. Get an alchemist that has max potion making.

2. Get the ingredients for Blue Potion (Scell, empty potion, blue herb etc etc) Get as many as you can.

3. Go to a spot where no one can see you.

4. Open WPE PRO.

5. Inject the client of your RO.

6. Press Start for WPE PRO.


8. Stop the WPE PRO.

9. 4-6 packets are registered. Look at the 3rd packet. It should be the SHORTEST of all packets. Right click then "Add to Send List".

10. In the lower right of the WPE PRO, Go to the Send List. Check the "New Send" box.

11. Click the Play again.

12. A new window will pop-up again. Change it to "Continuously" and change it to 1000 mil.

13. Click the Play box AGAIN.

Supposed-to-be Results: You should see the your alchemist is making blue potions REALLY FAST. Go sell it, and you'll get money.


Anonymous said...

Its not working for me.. :(

Anonymous said...

Yep it's not working ... but watching the packets the 1^ is the skill cast, than you recive the chooser dialog and than you can send the other packet ... so basically you need to wait for a recv before to send the last packet

jt said...

Very nice money making method

but is there a close alternative to blue potions [profit wise]? because some servers [namely one but i wont point out which] decreased the price of blue potions by heaps sold to npc because of this method.

if there is another close alternative, someone PLEASE tell me

and a hint to the above comments
send all the packets you sent while making potions

Anonymous said...

so the more of the ingrients i haev th emore pots ill get??? please comment back

Mitsuhiratu said...

you can do this in openkore. It is much simple.

Anonymous said...

any guide to use healer after potting?

Rain said...

uhmmm.... can i have a code that can make my charater autopotz....??.... i can't really understand how should i use wpe in DarkRO force.......


Katrina Rain Vasques said...

can anyone help me how 2 duplicate boss card...

Katrina Rain Vasques said...

can anyone help me how 2 duplicate boss card... email me at thanks guysss!

Eoneth said...

dont think this works in WoDRO.... WPEpro doesnt register any packets at all when i hook it up to my client

jkevin said...

can u do this in any server?sorry.i really did not understand the steps very well:P

Sairyou said...

Works, but it's bullshit.
you can't make more pots than the amount of items you have to make them. So this isn't gonna make you rich.. at all.